Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) And Cataract Are Becoming More Common Eye Diseases Among 50+ Years Old People. They Both Lead To Vision Loss. [1]  ????????????

You Might Start Thinking… I Am Not Addicted To 3c Products. Therefore, I Have No Chance Getting These Diseases. —> Wrong!!! ❌❌❌

During The Day, Our Eyes Keep Receiving Lights With Various Wavelengths. Among These Lights, Blue Lights Appear To Be The Most High Energy Which Gradually Destroy Our Retina. ????????????

So How Do We Protect Our Eyes?

Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Some Minerals, And Vitamins Are All Perfect Dietary Nutrition For Eyes. Lutein And Zeaxanthin Act As Shields Guarding Retina From Those Devastating Blue Light Rays. [2]

Good Thing Is That This Nutrition Can Actually Be Found In Various Natural Food, Especially Some Vegetables And Fruits. However, Quantities Of This Nutrition Are So Low That It Usually Isn’t Enough To Support Daily Demand.
Therefore, Taking Health Supplements Is Important For Keeping Our Eyes Protected! [2]

On The Market, Most Of Lutein Products Are Extracted From Marigold And Are Two Types— 1) Lutein Esters And 2) Free Form Lutein.

A Specific Enzyme Has To Participate In Transforming Lutein Esters To Free Form Lutein. Moreover, Free Form Lutein Is Easier To Absorb In Human Beings.

Most Doctors Recommend FloraGLO® More Than Any Other Lutein Brand. Come Check This Awesome Eye-Protector Below!

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